Calibrated Reference Sensitometer and Scanning Densitometer

bigproduct7Calibrated Reference Sensitometer and Scanning Densitometer

The darkscan duo ref is a high-precision combination of reference sensitometer and scanning densitometer in one unit. It is designed for acceptance testing as well as daily routine testing of X-ray film-screen equipment according IEC 61223-2-1, DIN 6868-2 standard.

The device combination provides functional and advantage such as one power supply (batteries or rechargeable batteries), less maintenance cost and less room for operation or storage. The sensitometer section is suitable for blue and green X-ray films. The exposition for blue and green films is manually adjustable in 5 steps. The step wedge with 21 steps has an optical step wedge constant of 0.15. The exposition homogeneity of each step is almost contrast. The maximum tolerance is ±0.01 log (H).


Technical Specification

Exposure color Selected blue or green
Peak Wavelength Blue (460 ± 10) nm

Green (510 ± 10) nm

Exposure H[lx.s] 5 steps selectable for each exposure color
Exposure Homogeneity ± 0.01 log (H) for each step
Step Wedge 21 steps
Step Wedge Contrast 0.15 ± 5 %
Reference Sensitometer According to DINV6868-55
Calibration 2 years (recommended)



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