High – Precision Light and Luminance Meter

High – Precision Light and Luminance Meterbigproduct6


The MaVo-spot USB is a precision instrument for specific requirements of medical light measurement application. It features a measuring angle of 1º (strict Class B requirement) and provides luminance measurements for distance between 1 m to ∞.

The MaVo-spot is equipped with a high quality SLR optical system having a viewing field of 15º and clearly marked measuring angle of 1º in the center. An external focusing ring is also provide. Two close-up lenses (optional) allow for a measuring distance down to 34 cm.

Technical Specification

APLICATION Modes Distance and proximity/contact measurement

For back-lit or light emitting surface, view boxes or digital monitors

APLICATION Range cd/m2, fc


Range lx


0.1 cd/m2 to 999990 cd/m2 or 0.01 fL to 30000 fL

4 dynamic range, auto-setting

0.1   lx to 99990 lx

4 dynamic range, auto-setting

ACCURACY   +/- 3%
MEMORY   Storage of Up to 1.000 measurement
DISPLAY   Cleartext, Liquid Crystal
CONTROLS   Self-explaining 4 Buttons, 1 switch

Manual correction input

Plus DIP switches in the battery comparetment, if required

POWER   2AA batteries accessible

(BATTERY typically for 5.000 measurements)

CALIBRATION   2 years (recommended)
WARRANTY   2 years from ship date
WEIGHT   400 gr. (W/o battery)
DELIVERY   ·         Luminance

·         Close-Up lenses

·         Lense cover

·         Standard software

·         Transport case

ACCESSORIES   ·         Reflexion Standard (recommended)

·         Carrying strap (recommended)



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